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This recording is taken from the first rehearsal of the trio. The aim for this project is to develope the LIARSS method about contemporary improvisation to a further step ahead. (read more)


by Gruppo Azione Liarss (LIARSS118DA)

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La registrazione documenta il risultato di tre giornate di lavoro sull’improvvisazione contemporanea condotti da Luca Gazzi e Marco Matteo Markidis. (continua)


by Luca Gazzi and Daniele Principato (BAB00218-DA)

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My first collaboration with guitarist and producer Daniele Principato is an explosion of sounds. The live recording capture what is an exploration of the improviser personality. 


by Luca Gazzi (Babalon-00117DEP) 

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CORPORA SONI is a mini EP including 4 improvisations for solo percussions. This recording was originally intended as a study on my set during the preparation for the Musica_Istante workshop (Rovereto, April 26-29, 2017). Each improvisation is focused on a specific action/sound, duration/timing, timbre. There's a spcific matter that gathers these improvisations together, the relation between the body and the sound (see the bandcamp description HERE).


by Luca Gazzi (Babalon-00317DEP) 

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I "Tactile" I used three tecniques to explore a space with the sound. In this recording the space is represented by a small box full of random stuff. 
- Reaching the main edges, the physical limits of sorrounding space with a simple repetition of a gesture (Tactile I - gesture: throwing/falling - woodstick)

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by Luca Gazzi (Babalon-00217DS)

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The main idea in this recording concerns the link between time and space. The first drone you hear is repeated 3 times: first time at 1x speed, second time slowed down at 1/2x and then it's slowed down to 1/5x. On this time stretching there are some random higher sonic spots, randomly moving in L-R panning and turning from 1x, 1/2x to 1/5x playback speed. This structure let the time leaching into a sonic space that can host the final, melodic recording.


by Adiabatic Invariants (LIARSS00216CD) 

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This recordingis the result of Adiabatic Invariants' artistic residence at Tempo Reale, Florence.

This album got its premiére at the Art of Improvisation Festival, Wroklaw (PL) on June, 2016.


by Adiabatic Invariants (LIARSS00116DA) 

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"I ventiquattro minuti circa di Estensione non sono solo un perfetto ritratto dell'equilibrio raggiunto, ma consegnano uno spettro incisivo di un lavoro effettuato in sede avanzata e ciascuno per la propria parte, in linea con quanto si sta facendo nei migliori centri di ricerca e produzione contemporanea, ossia lasciar perdere le tendenze cibernetiche della musica per lavorare su un futuro che rispetti ancora le caratteristiche e la personalità dei suoni."(E. Garzia, read more HERE)


by Adiabatic Invariants (LIARSS00114CD) 

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“Surprising and exciting … Markidis’ experienced use of live electronics techniques are accurate and clear while Gazzi is able of many, unusual and beautiful suggestions from his drums, cymbal, woods and metals” (A. Grossi,