I'm a self taught musician born in 1983 and graduated in Theoretical Philosophy.





CURRICULUM (for show/concerts see the Events page)


Luca Gazzi, Luca Perciballi - Acts of Reason [LIARSS00219DEP] Digital Ep available HERE

Luca Gazzi, Luca Perciballi - Modena 17.Mar.2019 [LIARSS00119DEP] Digital Ep available HERE


Roberto Bonati and Chironomic Orchestra - Il Suono Improvviso [PF-DVD02] DVD available HERE

Gruppo Azione Liarss - Suono/Momento [LIARSS00118DA] Digital Album available HERE

Luca Gazzi, Daniele Principato - .impro [BAB00118DA] Digital Album available HERE


Art Director and percussionist at Suono/Momento at MART, Rovereto.

Luca Gazzi - Corpora Soni [BAB00117DEP] Digital Ep available HERE

Attending at Trio Battaglia Workshop with S. Battaglia, R. Dani, S. Maiore, Castelfranco V.to 

Attending at Musica Istante workshop with F. Giomi, Rovereto 

Attending at Fonterossa Open Lab with S. Bolognesi, P. Bittolo Bon, C. Arcelli, T. Cattaneo, Pisa 


Begin the study with R. Dani

Adiabatic Invariants - Cattedrali di Sabbia [LIARSS00216CD] Cd available HERE

Adiabatic Invariants - Estensione e Rimozioni [LIARSS00116DA] Cd available HERE

Selected with Adiabatic Invariants at 3 months IN_Tempo Reale residence by Tempo Reale, Florence



Producer for the album "UP" by To b.e. 2,cd LIARSS Prod. 2015

Art Director at SOUNDCRAFT2015 Festival (with M. Graziani, R. Dani, Adiabatic Invariants, To B.E. Two, Chris Yan, Ardan dal Ri)



Adiabatic Invariants - HKPD [LIARSS00114] Cd available HERE

Study with M. Gatto



Percussionist with Ius Primae Noctis (impro/electro acustic)

Percussionist with Three en Voyage (impro/acustic)

Drummer with Collettivo Androgino (impro/psychedelic)



Drummer with Collettivo Androgino (impro/psychedelic)


2000 - 2010

Guitarist and bass player for many projects/band (Darklight, Corpus Engraved, And Harmony Dies, Thy Sin, Rektal Vomit)